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STP Bali International BuildingWorld Trade Organization has informed that more than 1.6 billion visitors will visit tourism destinations through out the world. It is needed to have professional experts and human resources to answer this challenge. Therefore, based on the decree of Minister of Education of The Republic of Indonesia No. 001/D/O/2008, Dharma Widya Ulangun Foundation has a legal right to run Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bali Internasional (The International Bali Tourism Institute) as one of tourism institutes in Bali.

The International Bali Tourism Institute committed to serve the community through high quality education, research and public service in tourism and hotel fields, to produce qualified and professional graduates that able to compete in regional, national, and international, creative and have visionary innovation.

The International Bali Tourism Institute, in co-operation with some institutions in Indonesia and overseas, opens Diploma IV Tourism Management Program, and Diploma IV Hotel Management Program.

The International Bali Tourism Institute is really concerned to the quality of the out-put, therefore Quality is Our Prime Concern is the motto of this institute.